Our contributors are listed in alphabetical order.

Avila Serratos, Mauricio

Mauricio Avila Serratos is a chef specializing in Mexican cuisine, in particular in recipes of the countryside and others that can be prepared with cacti or other succulents. He also works together with the botanical garden of the UNAM in Mexico City.

Brachet Ize, Christian

Christian Brachet Ize is specialized in the genus Mammillaria. He is a member of the Mexican cactus society and a collaborator of the group 'Red Echeveria' around Jeronimo Reyes Santiago from the UNAM. He explores in all of Mexico searching for Crassulaceae and cacti and has already described several new species of Crassulaceae.

Carrillo Reyes, Pablo

Pablo Carrillo Reyes is a botanist working with the genus Thompsonella and Villadia. He already described various new Crassulaceae. The photo shows him with his girlfriend Danae who's a botanist too.

Jesús Cortés Aguilar

Jesús Cortés lives with his family in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. For many years he has devoted a great deal of his time to his hobby of the Mexican cacti and succulents. He's a biologist with his main field as a bio technician. He works in a laboratory which specializes in the in-vitro-reproduction of ornamental plants (especially ferns and orchids). He travels a lot in his country to visit plants in habitat, to study them, and to take pictures. Since he's working with a digital camera, he was ready to let us use his pictures for our database. We're very grateful for that! He can be reached by e-mail (in Spanish language!) under jcortesaguilar@hotmail.com.

Helmut Regnat

Helmut Regnat lives with his wife in Ottobrunn near Munich, Bavaria, Germany. For many years he has become well known as an authority on the American Crassulaceae. In a time-consuming and painstaking work of over 40 years he collected and carefully compiled first descriptions of all known valid species in all genera of the American Crassulaceae, as well as most synonyms and later changes. With his approval we are permitted to make use of all this data in preparing our website. Please note that it may require us several years to actually incorporate all of this valuable data in a form that we feel is easiest for electronic use. Helmut is also heavily committed to the Munich branch of the German Cactus and Succulent Society of which he is now president. Note that Myron Kimnach chose to honor Herr Regnat by naming a new species of Echeveria after him (Echeveria helmutiana). Helmut is currently not accessible by e-mail.

Reyes Santiago, Jeronimo

Jeronimo Reyes Santiago is the curator of the Crassulaceae and Cactaceae collection of the Botanical Garden of the UNAM in Mexico City. He was president of the Mexican Cactus Society from 1996-2005. He specializes in the genera Crassulaceae, Cactaceae and Dahlia. He's the 'founding father' and coordinator of the group 'Red Echeveria'. He explores in all of Mexico in search of Crassulaceae and other genera and has already published many new species, particularly from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. He has also written various articles and books about botany, conservation and rescue of endangered species.

Torres García, Ignacio

Ignacio Torres García is a biologist working in the etnobotanical field. Right now he's working in the Tehuacan-Cuicatlan biosphere reserve, where he wants to find a sustainable harveste rate (based on demographic methods) of Agave potatorum.