This section has been implemented to give everyone the possibility to keep track of all the updates on this website.

We have to add a LOT of pictures, please be patient!

Since last time we added, changed or updated the following pages ( = latest additions):

- In the list of plants everyone can find out easily, which plants are new to science, at which plants we added descriptions and pictures. These colored blocks disappear with a new update. Every update is marked with year-month.

- Since January 2013 we had to move to another web hosting company, as our old hoster, IXWebhosting, couldn't meet our requirements.

Changes of website and data base:
- Search functions are hacker-proof and activated again
- New function "Display grouping of a genus according to subgenus and section"
- New first descriptions and pictures added

PLEASE BE AWARE that this is a huge task and that many pictures of first descriptions are missing, simply because we are not equipped on the road with a high-level flatbed scanner and because we have not all the original first description on paper with us. It will be a second step to add all the missing data and pictures later.

Since 2008 we are members of the botanical investigation group of the Mexican National University UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Biología), which has a big impact on our plant study work!